BSCC 024 - Dawn on the Coast

Dawn is forced to choose between the grey purgatory of Stoneybrook and the breathtaking paradise of California. Which is upsetting for Jack and Tanner because they frankly didn't realize they had a choice when they decided to spend every passing moment living, breathing, and dreaming about Stoneybrook. Besides, how can any of us think about leaving when we're still not sure whether Mr. Spier can get it together and tell Dawn's mom how he feels BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE.  Music Credits: Sadness, by Vak Karapeshian, CC Holy is the Lord of Host Union Choir, CC Love You Forever, by Yu Hsing Jow, CC Manslaughter, by Irish Zombie Pirates, CC Distorted Mirrors, by Moritz Demmer, CC   And of course, Scott Lamb for our theme music.

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