BSCC 025 - Kristy and the Mother's Day Surprise

The prophecy foretold of one that would unite the tribes. A being born of two worlds... of two clans, who would unite the people under her banner. Will this Mother's Day surprise fulfill the omen and seal the blood pact? Will the Seven become the One? Will Jackie Rodowsky ever find his way back to the present time? Find out this week when Jack and Tanner sit down to discuss "Kristy and the Mother's Day Surprise." Music credits: “Upwards” by Jake R. Sanderson "Kosmos Music Score" by Sarah Fogg & Simon Horrocks “You Gotta Have Theremin and Ukulele” by SquidLord "Entrance to the Queen of Sheba for Two Oboes, Strings” by Georg Friedrich Händel “Air in F major, BWV Anh. 131” by Johann Sebastian Bach “Chosen” by Ross Bugden

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