BSCC 028 - Jessi and the Superbrat

Think of Stoneybrook (if you don't already) as a lovely, welcoming bird's nest. Now imagine that a wicked cuckoo has passed its boundaries and laid a great big vile, impostor cuckoo's egg right inside that sacred nest. That's literally (LITERALLY) what happens this week when an entity called JOHN (aka The Superbrat) hatches inside our beautiful home and sets about destroying dear Jessi's life. Of course, if we'd only paid attention we would have known, because, as is ever the case in the Baby-Sitters Cycle, it was foretold.  Music credits:   "The Inner Demon," by Lionel Schmitt & ProjectSam, CC "Rituals," by Warrio, CC "Crystal," by Zerryx & Midgranger, CC

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