BSCC 032 - Dawn's Wicked Stepsister

And it came to pass that Dawn and Mary Anne didn't enjoy sharing a bedroom as much as they thought they would. And Dawn in her righteousness did take the socks of Mr. Spier and pair them in such a way that they might be odd. And Jack and Tanner did look upon what Dawn had wrought, and they did pronounce it the sickest of burns. Also, things get kind of spooky, so maybe listen to this one with the lights on. Why the hell were you listening in the dark anyway? Music credits: "Devastation and Revenge,”  by Kevin MacLeod, CC “The Dusty Attic,” by ErikMMusic, CC “Corporate Music for Inspiring Product Presentation,” by Baumann Music, CC “Dubstep Dance,” by Kierpm96, CC   Intro theme, by original Baby Boy Scott Lamb.  Outro theme, by Superbrat.

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