BSCC 035 - Mary Anne and Too Many Boys


What should have been a nice, relaxing vacation to Sea City, New Jersey, turns into a catastrophe due to an unwieldy number of boys gumming up the works. Stacey gets straight-up dumped by local "nice guy" Toby (no known last name), Jackie Rodowsky faces his most desperate mission yet, and Mary Anne cries her way through another low-level crisis. Known boys, Tanner Greenring and Jack Shepherd, try their very best to unpack it all for you in BSCC #35, Mary Anne and Too Many Boys.  Music credits: “Alone,” by G-nit Beatz “Galactic Empire,” by Michael J. Burkard Music “The Hostility Conundrum,” by Luke West “Our Final Battle,” by Aaron Hayes “Epic Battle,” by Gam3rDroid “Last Dawn,” by Ross Budgen “Cloudburst,” by Sentient Pulse   Thanks to Original Baby Boy Scott Lamb for the Intro, and to SuperBrat for the Outro.

This episode is brought to you by Green Chef (use code 90BABYSITTERS), and Photomyne (use code BABYSITTERS)!
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