The Baby-Sitters Club Club

with Tanner Greenring and Jack Shepherd

BSCC 045 - Stacey's Emergency

We've come to the end of the road for our friend Anastasia McGill. Ann M. Martin's mercy is infinite, but her patience is not, and if one of these baby-sitters was going to get the  ol' "Ned Stark" treatment, it was basically always going to be Stacey. Jack and Tanner spend most of the episode grappling with their guilt about the fact that they don't really miss her all that much, and Jack desperately and somewhat pathetically tries to gin up a conversation about German philosophy.  Music credits:    “Drama Track 10,” by Mohammed Monir “Don’t Leave Me,” by Lionel Schmitt “Hype,” by Spire Wolf   Thanks, as always, to original baby boy Scott Lamb for the intro music, and Superbrat for the outro music.