BSCC 056 - Mallory and the Dream Horse

This week, Mallory, Jack, and Tanner all dream of horses, and make the mistake of dreaming too small...   "There’s something that we K-PAXians have been around long enough to have discovered. The universe will expand, then it will collapse back on itself, then will expand again. It will repeat this process forever. What you don't you know is that when the universe expands again, everything will be as it is now. Whatever mistakes you make this time around, you will live through on your next pass. Every mistake you make, you will live through again, & again, forever. So my advice to you is to get it right this time around. Because this time is all you have." –Prot, K-PAX   Music Credits:“Pure Swell” by Podington Bear“My Sharona” MIDI “Where Have All The Cowboys Gone” MIDI "Back In Time” by YV “I Need To Start Writing Things Down” by Chris Zabriskie   As always, special thanks to Baby Boy Scott Lamb for the intro music, and to Superbrat for the outro music.

This episode is brought to you by BetterHelp, Photomyne (use code BSCLUB), and (use code BABYSITTERS)!
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