BSCC 059 - Dawn Saves the Planet

Your two heavily jet-lagged boys are back in the USA and they're ready to talk about our precious Dawn, Claudia's latest outfit, and saving the planet! Somehow that goes off the rails pretty fast and what we've ended up with here is a surprisingly deep dive into the life and work of the music producer Steve Albini? Sorry about that! Stick around for an appearance by Stoneybrook News's Pulitzer-prize winning correspondent Chuck Whittaker, some profound analysis of the complicated "earring-hierarchy" in the BSC, and, yes, just a little taste of Bread Theory.  Music credits: “Time Police,” by ErikMMusic “Breaking Point,” by PlatinumEDM “Overture,” by Lionheart   Thanks as always to original Baby Boy Scott Lamb for the intro music, and a special thank you to Baby Bee Matt, aka WolfKiller for this week’s Heavy Metal outro.

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