BSCC 068 - Maid Mary Anne

It’s a real sewing circle jerk this week, Baby Nation (to use a technical term), and if you happen to be into that sort of thing AND you’re a fan of the 1990 fantasy graphic adventure game “Loom,” this one's really going to be right in your sweet spot. But there’s still plenty to love even for folks who are on the fence about weaving, sewing and weaving/sewing-based videogames because the boys have a whole lot to say about Nicky Pike’s dalliance with the dark side, Dawn’s “looming" departure from the BSC, and the increasingly delightful antics of new fan favorite, Elvira the Goat. Also, we can’t say more about this right now but: WARNING: DO NOT listen to this episode if you have a room with corners. 

Audio credits:

“Jumpin’ Boogie Woogie,” by Audionatix

“Grieving Viola,” by Bellabeth

“The Legend of Freyja,” by Logan Epic Canto

“Never Stand Alone,” by Vindsvept

“Don’t Leave Me,” by Lionel Schmitt

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