BSCC 077 - Jessi and the Horrible Prank

Finally, the episode everyone has been waiting for – a 1-hour extravaganza devoted exclusively to BSC fan favorite character Michael P. Trout (the computer science teacher that Jessi has in this one book and who never appears in the series again). We get into all things Trout this week, answer all your burning Trout questions, and speculate, briefly, about whether Trout died for our sins so that we may all be saved. For folks who aren’t Trout superfans, never fear, because Tanner manages to shoehorn the Stormlight Archive into this, and Jack, not to be outdone, gets a whole minute on T.S. Eliot before anyone can stop him. And of course, there’s dolls, dinosaurs, and a truly sick burn on Claudia. 

Music credits:

“Letting Go,” by Nicolai Heidlas

“Morning Walk,” by Jonny Easton

“Best Dramatic Music Ever,” by JonathanChiu21

“Through the Woods We Ran,” by Vindsvept

“Stardust,” by Foxbeat

“Super Circus,” by Kevin MacLeod

“Reflection,” by Whitesand

Thanks to original Baby Boy Scott Lamb for the intro music, and to Baby Bee Wolfkiller for the outro music. 

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