BSCC 079 - Dawn and Whitney, Friends Forever

It’s another episode of your favorite show, The We Heart Kids Club Club, a podcast in which your hosts, Half Pipe and Weed Lord (oof, sorry, I think we’re stuck with this now) talk about the classic series of novels about Maggie Blume, Jill Something or other, and new babysitter, Dawn Read Schafer. This week, the boys make some sweet, sweet brain babies together, and before they go any further, they’d like to formally apologize both for the metaphor and for the horrifying results of that particular experiment. But the show must go on, and there's lots to talk about this week, including Dawn’s dad’s exciting love life, the battle between the Barretts and the DeWitts across the country in Stoneybrook, Connecticut, and the fact that Baby-Sitters Club Art Director Hodges Soileau may just have outdone himself this time … 

Music credits:

“Teenage Freakout,” by Mules

“Never Coming Back,” by Enya Hall

“The Fate of the Galaxy,” by Luke West

“Journey,” by Tom Spander

“If I Could Fly,” by Jonny Easton

Thanks to original Baby Boy Scott Lamb for the intro music, Baby Bee Carys for the "Soileau You Into the Dark" Theme, and Superbrat for the outro music.

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