BSCC 083 - Super Special 012 - Here Come the Bridesmaids


Here come the bridesmaids, and there goes our sense of basically everything that is right and decent, because Tanner decided we needed to read a Super Special, OUT OF ORDER, this week to make sense of whatever the hell is going on in our next BSC book, Kristy and Mr. Mom. So here we are at this "coast 2 coast wedding orgy," with plenty of brides but not quite enough bridesmaids, as Mary Anne is about to discover to her eternal dismay. All that being said, Ann is kind of burying the lede here, because something else is coming in this book, something that is vastly more frightening and dangerous than even the most diabolical of bridesmaids. Though, to be fair, if she’d called this one “Here Comes the Terror Clown,” it might have hurt the sales a bit. Enjoy!

Music credits:

“Beautiful Reasons,” by Jonny Easton

“Carnival Lament,” by Robert Austin

“Overture,” by Lionheart

“The Prophecy,” by Fox Beat

“Elegy of Death,” by Robert Austin

Thanks as always to original Baby Boy Scott Lamb for the intro music, and to Baby Bee Wolfkiller for the outro music.

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