BSCC 085 - Jessi and the Troublemaker


Looks like we’ve got a Troublemaker gumming up the works this week, Baby Nation! But who, or what, is it? Surely it isn’t sweet, innocent leukemia survivor Danielle Roberts? Might it somehow be that bad, negligent babysitter Stacey McGill? She has been acting VERY strangely of late. Or, and just hear us out here … is there ANY chance that it could be ‘90s Canadian rap and reggae artist Darrin Kenneth O’Brien (aka “Snow”)? Probably not, frankly, but your boys are willing to consider all the options. Including the troubling possibility that we’re dealing with something even more sinister. That the nefarious troublemaking duo Ann M. Martin and Nola Thacker are forcing us to confront … The Nameless Shadow That Devours Us All. Whatever it is, there’s only one thing we truly can be sure of this week: This is all Jessi Ramsey’s fault. And we have the receipts to prove it. 

Music credits:

“A Matter of Honor,” by ThePrimeCronus II 

“You Gotta Have Theremin and Ukulele,” by Squidlord

“Time Police,” by ErikMMusic

“The Prophecy,” by Fox Beat

Thanks as always to original Baby Boy Scott Lamb for the intro music, and to Superbrat for the outro music. 

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