BSCC 105 - Mary Anne and the Little Princess

In a distant future, in an alternate universe, The Futuresmiths have made a decision that will affect our world, Earth-One, and the mysterious otherworld of the Baby-Sitters Club: They will send Cir-El (Supergirl) back to the present day to set in motion events that will change the multiverse forever. And it is here, in this fateful moment, that we shall find our hosts, immersing themselves in the wisdom of the great Sitters’ Cycle – from the latest news about gentle Mary Anne Spier to the dangerous events surrounding the captivating Alan Grey. From the sleepy town of Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, to the storm-swept waters of the Indian ocean. It is here, in this fateful moment, that our story will be told. 

Music credits:

“God Save the Queen Techno Eurodance,” by Benjamin ThaBoogie

“Happy Story,” by Sergey Cohen

“Empty Promise,” by UEMonthly

Thanks as always to original Baby Boy Scott Lamb for the intro music, and to Superbrat for the outro music. 

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