BSCC 106 - Happy Holidays, Jessi

This week, Jack and Tanner talk about ████ and ████, but then Jack decides to █████ his ████ instead, so Tanner needs to █████ all over the █████. But it's only ███ miles to ████, which ██████ took ██ days to do, but ████ managed to finish in █████. There's also a new ████ in Stoneybrook, and ████ and ████ Tanner and Jack get stuck in segment █████.

Music Credits:

"Baba Yetu"(Karaoke Version) originally composed by Christopher Tin"Underpass” by James Ross“Silent Night, Hallowed Night” by Haydn Quartet“True” by Nctrnm"Faith"(Karaoke Version) originally performed by George Michael“Nyan Cat” by“Jazzmasters and Delay Pedals” by Rest You Sleeping Giant“Baba Yetu (Remix)” by As’Magic“Crazy Frog”

Thanks to original Baby Boy Scott Lamb for the intro music and Superbrat for the outro music.

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