BSCC 107 - Abby's Twin

This is an urgent message for the Pulitzer Committee: The audio from our original version of Abby’s Twin – which you so kindly singled out as being worthy of your highest honor – has been irreparably lost. But thanks to our precision, our professionalism, and our consummate skill, we have perfectly recreated every note, every beat, every moment of that epoch-defining, award-worthy episode of audio magic and are now humbly presenting that recreation for your consideration. You will not find a word out of place. Kristy’s errors of judgement, Abby’s edgy comedy, Alan Gray’s moment in the sun: It’s all there, along with an exhaustingly comprehensive discussion of the Netflix original movie “Bright,” starring Will Smith and Joel Edgerton – just like Ann M. Martin intended when she wrote this novel. Thank you. We love you and we kiss you all.

Music credits:

“The Verdict,” by 8th Mode

“Stardust,” by Fox Beat Stock Music

“Clouded,” by Soundwell Music

“Buried Under Six Feet of Snow,” by TeknoAXE

Thanks as always to original Baby Boy Scott Lamb for the intro music, Baby Bee Carys for the Soileau You Into the Dark theme, and Superbrat for the outro music.

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