BSCC 108 - Stacey the Math Whiz

Okay, so Jack and Tanner spent a ton of their hard-earned ad revenue on new mics and recorders but then that dunce Jack hit the wrong button and essentially recorded all of this episode and the next one on his laptop mic so it sounds awful BUT there’s still a really solid episode there so try to bear with us.

Stacey is a nerd now, the Deep Voice Boys are back with an exciting new role, Jack spends a LONG time perfecting a new character who LOVES smoking drugs and doing 69-ing with people and the Counting Crows get a lot of very special shout outs this week.

Music Credits:"Mr. Jones" (Karaoke Version) originally performed by Counting Crows"Let’s Start At The Beginning” by Lee Rosevere"Phototropic” by Chime"Single Ladies" (Karaoke Version) originally performed by Beyoncé

Thanks to original Baby Boy Scott Lamb for the intro music and Superbrat for the outro music.

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