BSCC 111 - Don't Give Up, Mallory

You know what? Mallory really stuck it to the Man this week, and we’re damn proud of her. But while dear, sweet, brave Mal was busy standing up to the (admittedly handsome) Trevor Sandbourne and singlehandedly dismantling the entrenched power structures at SMS, all was not well in the rest of Stoneybrook: Dangerous new knowledge has come to light in the mysterious academic discipline known as Bread Theory; terrifying portents are, well, portended, by The Bird and The Wheelmaker; and the boys had the distinct displeasure of debuting the hottest track to ever light up the charts in the space between worlds – a mind-flaying dirge known to those who love it as “49 Deaths.” And perhaps even more surprising than all of that, Tanner finally learns what a segue is. Or does he? ...

Music credits:

“Slash,” by Arc North

“Never Give Up,” by Neffex

“Heroic,” by TexasBrother

“Death March,” by Benjamin James

Thanks as always to original Baby Boy Scott Lamb for the intro music, and to Baby Bee Wolfkiller for the outro music. 

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