BSCC 133 - Stacey's Movie


Welcome to the Cokie Mason Academy of What Is and Is Not Cool, I am your professor Joe Joesson and I am joined today by Dean Throbdong and his unusually large family. We hope that your time at our school is productive and useful, especially you young men out there. Whether you’re joining us here in the School of Arts & Sciences, uncovering the coolest possible things, or you’re working on your engineering degree over at the School of Sciences, perhaps unlocking the secrets to the infinitely powerful Cauliflower Universe, we will deliver the best education we are able to. (When we’re not too drunk.)

Music Credits:“Makedamnsure cover” by Aaron Sorge“Northern Pintail” by Chad Crouch“School” by Lil’ Meekie“Born to Run (Acoustic Instrumental Cover)” by RichieFlip1973“Legion” by The Early Mourning

Thanks to original Baby Boy Scott Lamb for the intro music and Superbrat for the outro music.

This episode is brought to you by Native (use code BABYSITTERS20), BetterHelp, and Finding You!
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