BSCC 136 - The Fire at Mary Anne's House, Part 2 of 2

As Jackie Rodowsky knows all too well, there is an infinity of possible worlds in the great expanse of existence, but even Jackie Rodowsky would tell you – with his birds’ eye view – that every single one of them is aflame right now. And as the great fire spreads, its indifferent tendrils creep towards some very familiar figures: The people of Stoneybrook, who stand arm in arm against the encroaching terror; Ann and her extraordinary ghostwriters, who are helpless to prevent it; and Mary Anne, whose tears have come too late. Also, the boys talk about their favorites from Queer Eye!

Music credits:

“Beyond the Veil,” by Dreamstate Logic

“Fantasy Intro,” by EGProductions

“Drama,” by Daniel__St

“You Gotta Have Theremin and Ukulele,” by Squidlord

“School Music Video,” by DjHappY

“Sadness,” by AudioRose

“Sentimental,” by Daniel__St   

“Polytonal Resonance,” by Dolores Catherino 

A very special thanks to original Baby Boy Scott Lamb for the very special intro music this week and to Baby Bee Carys for the Soileau You Into the Dark theme. 

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