BSCC Live: Super Mystery 001: Baby-Sitters Haunted House

Live at Littlefield in Brooklyn, NY, the boys dig deep into one of the greatest mysteries of all time: What the heck is going on with ghostwriter Jeanne Betancourt and her twisted blood orgies? It may just be part of her writing process for these Super Mysteries, in which case it worked! Plenty of spooky ghosts, scary vampires, and unsavory teenage boys in this one, not to mention a whole mess of parades, because Stoneybrook has finally gone fully off the deep end. This is the first (and therefore, currently, best) BSCC live show! Avoid this one if you're scandalized by wine crimes.

Music credits:

“Inspirational Dreams,” by StereoNuts

“You Gotta Have Theremin and Ukulele,” by Squidlord

“Emotional Documentary Background,” by musicdream

“Lovely Memories Ident,” by CreativeMedias_net

“Kantai Collection: KanColle Theme,” by Akino from bless4

An extra special thanks to KJ from The Oddysy for playing our theme song!

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