BSCMC 020 - Mary Anne and the Zoo Mystery

The Entity is back! And we wrote an incredible mystery book. We think we’ll really get a kick out of where our episode goes this week. We filled the episode with laughs and sound effects and whales and human children! Listen to our screams of glee as we study the whales! Listen to the our chorus of shrieks! “The whales!”, we shout, “the whales!” We also discuss alternate worlds, bug balls, how we pronounce the word “emu’ and we made the whole episode epistolary because we needed cover for the fact that Tanner’s co-working space was so full of people, so don’t be surprised if we hear from our friends Goliath and Mark Markson.

Music Credits:

Thanks to original Baby Boy Scott Lamb for the intro music and to baby bee Jay for the outro music.

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