BSCMC 036 - Kristy and the Cat Burglar

Well, it was always going to end in cat burglars, but if any of us had even begun to suspect who those cats and who those burglars were, let alone what horrible things they had in store for the dreamy Sergeant Johnson, we might never have embarked on this dangerous and mysterious quest in the first place. The Grey Man is here of course, and Tanner uses the dark arts of “Numberology” to solve the Ultimate Mystery, and Kristy and Cary Retlin are kidnapped by a literal gun criminal. What a way to go out! All that and more in the final Baby-Sitters Club Mystery Club before the boys crawl into a field and let the birds take them.

Music credits:

“Crime of the Future,” by The Story Shop

“Victorian Detective Mystery,” by Niki N

“Triumphant Opener,” by Stereo Nuts

“Typewriter Blues,” by AllenGrey

“Parting Ways,” by Allen Grey

“Jazz Sad Hip Hop,” by Black Stone Sound

“Mischief & Mystery Carnival,” by Allen Grey

“Beautiful Darkness,” by Allen Grey

“Sadness,” by Allen Grey

Thanks as always to original Baby Boy Scott Lamb for the intro music, and to Baby Bee Liz for the “Guessing the Mystery” theme.

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