BSCSC 008 - Baby-sitters at Shadow Lake

Shadow Lake holds many mysteries – including a disappearing family that haunts its islands and a big scary monster that lurks in in its depths – but Stacey McGill and Sam Thomas’s fiery, tumultuous romance is the biggest, juiciest mystery of all. Why is Stacey interested in Sam even though he insists on calling her “Dahling”? Why has Hodges painted Stacey with a pained grimace on her face as she and Sam dance? The boys dig into these pressing questions, with a short break to say a painful goodbye to a sad, old aquatic friend. Recommended reading this week: The 12th Century “Chansons de Geste” (preferably in the Old French), Chaucer’s “Canterbury Tales” and “Troilus and Criseyde,” and “1,001 Email Closings and Valedictions,” by Flavio Olcese. Also: It’s UGC week this week, so don’t blame any of these segments on the boys. 

Music credits:

“The General’s March and Army Song,” by Mike Shetley

“Magical Mystery,” by Freddie Hangoler 

“All Our Clocks Are Dying,” by Ergo Phizmiz

“Halloween’s Revenge,” by TeknoAXE

“Horror Trailer,” by Sound Tree

“Battle Area,” by Fifty Vinc

“Sadness,” by AudioRose

“Polish Funk,” by Artur Orbelyan

“Tanzen” by KieLoBoy

“Jazz Sad Hip Hop,” by Black Stone Sound

“Sentimental,” by Daniel__St

Thanks as always to original Baby Boy Scott Lamb for the intro music, and to Superbrat for the outro music. 

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