BSCTV 010 - Hello, Camp Moosehead! Part 2 (feat. Jaime Greenring)

The baby-sitters face their hardest test yet, as they stand on the edge of a dark and forbidding forest; a wilderness wherein they must wander until they learn the the truth about themselves, find meaning in the vastness of experience that stretches out before them, or do a great big smooch with Logan, depending on which baby-sitter they are. No guest from the show this week, but Jack auditions a new co-host and it goes really well.

Music credits:

“Theatre Music,” by Lucky Black Cat

“The Prophecy,” by Fox Beat

“Sad to Happy,” by Silverhoof

“Sad to Hopeful,” by The Story Shop

Thanks as always to original Baby Boy Scott Lamb for the intro music, and to Bye Bye Empire for the outro music.

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