Daddy Eats Cat Food


Daddy and Tanner get some expert help as they navigate the sparse and unforgiving terrain they seem to have navigated themselves into after finishing the Baby-Sitters Club Mysteries. With no birds interested in taking them, and no more guidance from the ethereal voices of Ann M. Martin and Elle Fanning, desperation has set in as the boys wander, naked and bewildered, in the desert. And to make matters worse, they're starting to get hungry ...

Music credits:

“Walking on Sunshine,” by Allen Grey

“Holiday in Paris,” by Shorties

“Kids Logo III,” by Musical Smile 

“Modern Rock Stinger,” by Phil Larson

“Dramatic Cinematic Build,” by bd Productions

“Children,” by Musical Smile

A very special thank you to all of our kind, funny, and incredibly helpful friends. 

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