FF 005 - Kristy Power!

Unchastened by their disastrous attempts to heckle 8-year-olds during “Claudia’s First Thanksgiving,” not to mention the censorship fiasco in “Mary Anne and the Library Mystery,” Stoneybrook’s surprisingly resilient community of book-burning fascists are back at it again this week trying to get a teacher fired for assigning “Catcher in the Rye.” Is there anyone out there who can stop them? Weirdly, no. The title of this novel doesn’t actually have any bearing on the events in it, but it’s a romp anyway. 

Music credits:

“Spaghetti Western,” by Music Dog

“Gothic Choir,” by Allen Grey

“Detective,” by LoopsLab

“Overture,” by Lionheart

“Chopstick Slapstick,” by OurMusicBox

“Stardust,” by Fox Beat Stock Music

“Requiem Dark Choir,” by Allen Grey

Thanks as always to original Baby Boy Scott Lamb for the intro music, to Baby Bee Liz for the Guessing the Mystery theme, and to Bye Bye Empire for the outro music. 

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