The Baby-Sitters Club Mystery Board Game (feat. Dan Shannon)

In 1992, the brilliant but reclusive game designer Milton Bradley created what was to become his masterpiece, a game so compelling and so dangerous that few have ever dared to play it. Nearly 30 years later, two of the world's foremost Baby-Sitters Club experts sat down with an accomplished, brave, and highly credentialed Dungeon Master to immerse themselves in Bradley's legendary role-playing experience. This is their story. Prepare yourselves for an epic, shocking, and occasionally quite sexy adventure in the magical, mysterious world of The Baby-Sitters Club Mystery Board Game.

Music credits:

"Medieval Story," by Orchestralis

"Slow Sad Ominous," by Flossie Wood

"Monster Squad," by J Blanks

"Lonesome Gaucho," by CineMedia

"Motivation Speech," by Positive Sound

"The Heart Beat Vibe," by Adigold

"Exorcism Tension Horror," by Wild Kitty Tunes

"Inspire," by Orchestralis

"Angels," by Heart Drum Machine

"The Triumph," by Anuch

"Happy Ending," by _Blacksmith_

Thanks as always to original Baby Boy Scott Lamb for the intro music.

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