W♥KCC 074 - Dawn and the We ♥ Kids Club

Welcome to another installment of the We ♥ Kids Club Club, a podcast in which your two hosts, Weed Lord and Half-pipe, discuss the works of Peter Lerangis and Ann M. Martin: The We ♥ Kids Club books. This week, there's a new character in Palo City, a naughty dingleberry named Dawn Schafer who creates trouble everywhere she goes with her militant environmentalism, hatred for love, and willingness to steal and lie her way back home. Palo City, California hasn't had a character this explosive since the Fire Elementals came to town.

Music Credits:"Teenage Freakout” by Mules"The Beach! The Beach!" by Holy CoastTheme from “The X-Files"“Best Wishes” by Mike B. Fort“Haunted” by Jamie Evans"Hanging By A Moment” MIDI“Breathing” MIDI“Sex and Candy” MIDI“Lightning Crashes” MIDI“Kiss from a Rose” MIDI

As always, special thanks to Baby Boy Scott Lamb for the intro music, and to Baby Bee Matt for the outro music.

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