W♥KCMC 017 - Dawn and the Halloween Mystery

Welcome to the City Council meeting for Palo City! Quite a full agenda this week, as we’ll need to decide whether or not to cancel Halloween this year and declare martial law, or whether to just allow these vicious Supernatural Murder Clowns to run rampant through our beautiful town, leaving rivers of blood and carnage in their wake. We will also be standing in judgement of Dawn Schaefer, because we’re all getting pretty tired of her inability to pick a coast to live on. And if anyone knows what’s behind that small, creepy door that definitely wasn’t in this room before, now would be a great time to speak up ... 

Music credits:

“Horror Creepy Haunted Dollhouse,” by Marco Belloni Music

“Teenage Freakout,” by Mules

“Epic Horror Trailer,” by Luca Francini

“Requiem Dark Choir,” by Allen Grey

“Beautiful Darkness,” by Allen Grey

Thanks as always to original Baby Boy Scott Lamb for the intro music, and to Superbrat for the outro music.

This episode is brought to you by Green Chef (use code 90BABYSITTERS), and Photomyne (use code BABYSITTERS)!
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