WOPC 001 - Ninja Gaiden

Hey Ninja Nation – welcome to a very special bonus episode of WOPC! The show that is very specifically targeted to the ninja in everyone ……. ’s dad. And before you ask …. No, we don’t have time to tell you about Plan F.

Works cited in this episode:

The Count of Monte Cristo, by Alexandre Dumas

Finnegans Wake, by James Joyce

La Recherche des Temps Perdu, by Proust

Stacey’s Ex-Boyfriend, by Annabelle Matthews Martin (the Hand That Shakes)

How to Win at Nintendo Games, Vol. 1, by Jeff Rovin

How to Win at Nintendo Games, Vol. 2, by Jeff Rovin

Music credits:

“Ninja Gaiden - Melodic EDM Remix,” by Music Empire

“Master Ninja,” by Big Twice

“Unbreakable Determination,” by Tecmo

“For Your Love,” by Tecmo

“Swift Ninja,” by Tecmo 

Thanks to no one this time!

This episode is brought to you by Native (use code BABYSITTERS20), BetterHelp, and Finding You!
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