The Complete Guide to Everything

with Tom Reynolds and Tim Daniels

Claire Danes

This week, we have a bit of a miscommunication in the scheduling department, and an interview with a popular Hollywood starlet that Tim thinks was going to happen is put in jeopardy. As we wait for the possible arrival of Claire Danes we talk about Tom's trip to a pet store and Tim's encounter with a crusty old hippie biker.

We also discuss Tim's unfortunate run-in with Claire Danes at a Beck concert in 1997 and a more positive encounter with her My So Called Life co-star Jared Leto at a clothing store. Additionally, Tom shares his strong feelings regarding bands with movie stars as members.

In a new installment of Tim & Tom Solve Your Problems, we tackle a gross problem about a hoarder roommate and answer a question about Breaking Bad. (No spoilers, we promise!)

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