Fancy Suits

This week, hear about wearing fancy clothes from two guys who never wear fancy clothes. After being invited to serve as groomsmen (NOT broomsmen) in a friend's wedding, we have to a take a trip to get fitted for tuxedos. As a result, Tim is worried that his recent weird diet will screw up the way he looks in a tux when he gains his weight back and Tom has a serious question about ventriloquist dummies.

Also this week, we talk about Doritos that taste like tacos that taste like Doritos and we solve two problems in a new installment of Tim & Tom Solve Your Problems: one about a wedding and one from a drunk baker.

We also announce our upcoming live shows in London! We'll be sailing on a ship across the Atlantic Ocean to do shows on June 5, 6, and 7, 2014. Get more info at!

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