French Fry Burgers And Secret Ingredients

It's hot in the Complete Guide studio this week, causing all sorts of mayhem. Tom's selfish use of a portable fan causes a rift in a friendship, while the heat causes something to come loose in Tim's brain, resulting in a movie pitch about Michael Jackson's faked death that is somehow tied to some Mrs. Doubtfire-esque shenanigans in the White House. Also, Tim delves into his new life as a man who comments on articles on the internet.

But ultimately this week, we have food on the mind, breaking down the uproar over the recently announced French Fry Burger from Burger King and Tom is upset that some products purport to have secret ingredients.

In a new installment of Tim & Tim Solve Your Problems, we help a beatboxing champion turned plumber map out the rest of his life, and give some sleuthing advice regarding a mysterious building in Tokyo.

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