The Complete Guide to Everything

with Tom Reynolds and Tim Daniels

Tim And Tom Solve Even More Of Your Problems

This week we put on our problem solving pants and dig into the ol' mailbag for an episode-length version of Tim & Tom Solve Your Problems. We solve problems about sharing a home with your significant other, asking a girl out on a date in a world in which John Lennon has devalued the concept of love (this one's a little complicated) and having your co-workers think you've fathered a child that you haven't.

We also unveil a new crop of entries in our contest to find a Tim & Tom Solve Your Problems theme song. (Go over and vote for your favorite at

Also, Tom isn't allowed to talk about Doctor Who, and is incensed by Tim's 20+ minute rant on the topic of Jeopardy Kids Week. But seriously, something pretty awful happened on Jeopardy this week, and Tim just wants to be sure that a young contestant gets the recognition he deserves.

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