The Dumbbells

with Eugene Cordero and Ryan Stanger

50: Inspiration (w/ The Dumbbells)

It's episode 50!! In celebration of that milestone Eugene and Stanger decide to dedicate an entire episode to inspiring the listeners. First, they also talk about what they're currently doing for workouts and what's inspiring them. Then they play testimonials from the winners of the New You Summer Challenge. And last, they read A very special email from a friend of the show about is his personal fitness transformation and decide to create a new challenge based on what he did to achieve his goals. Thanks for being with us for 50 episodes! "Ain't Nothin To But To Do It - 50 Times Baybee!!" Subscribe, Rate & Review The Dumbbells on iTunes Twitter: @thedumbbells Instagram: @thedumbbells Facebook: The Dumbbells *Tag us with all you fitness pictures and don’t forget #picsoritdidnthappen * Have a fitness/nutrition question? Shoot the Dumbbells an email: AsktheDumbbells(at)GMAIL(dot)com