The Dumbbells

with Eugene Cordero and Ryan Stanger

54: Basketball Fitness (w/ Ryan Meharry)

Episode 54 is here and it's a doozy. The Dumbbells were happy to welcome their friend Ryan Meharry, actor, writer, comedian and creator of The episode starts off with the group talking about movies and Meharry's fantasy movie league. Then he tells the 'Bells about growing up as a well fed kid in the Midwest and all his different stops and starts with diet and exercise. The show wraps up with Stanger playing a dumb voicemail Meharry left him about the podcast from a year ago, Nolan emails the show with an update and the guys give their picks for protein powder. "Train Dirty BellHeads!!!" Subscribe, Rate & Review The Dumbbells on iTunes Twitter: @thedumbbells Instagram: @thedumbbells Facebook: The Dumbbells *Tag us with all you fitness pictures and don’t forget #picsoritdidnthappen * Have a fitness/nutrition question? Shoot the Dumbbells an email: AsktheDumbbells(at)GMAIL(dot)com