Episode 64: The Devil You Know (featuring Cameron Gearen)


Episode 64: This week on The Easy Chair: “The Devil You Know” a gem of a story by my dear brilliant writer friend Cameron Gearen. Cameron joins me remotely from her hometown of Chicago to tell her story about a younger sister experiencing love (or what she has convinced herself is love) for the first time, and the lengths her big brother will go to when it comes to keeping her safe, even as she resists every step of the way. When it comes to recognizing the devil, sometimes it takes one to know one; protagonist Dale knows exactly what popular bad boy Javier has in mind for his sister, Jolisa, and there’s no way he’s going to let that happen. It’s a poignant coming of age story that you will absolutely love, guaranteed. For those fans of Cameron Gearen- and I know there are many out there- good news! Cameron’s got some smart, fabulous essays, new and forthcoming at http://www.maximummiddleage.com/drfeelgood , http://tuenight.com and http://www.damemagazine.com. Also, her gorgeous book of poetry, Some Perfect Year, is available on Amazon.