Episode 65: Arms of the Earth (featuring Rosemary Jones)


This week on The Easy Chair:

“Arms of the Earth” by returning guest author Rosemary Jones.

In Coober Pedy, in remote northern South Australia, the heat and sun drive residents underground, into dugout houses.

Rosemary tells of the time she spent as a young teacher in one of these carved-out dwellings.

This gorgeous memoir describes the perils (isolation, wildlife infestations, and cave-ins) as well as the magic of life in the arms of the earth.

Prepare to fall under Rosie’s spell.

If you’re like me, this episode will have you considering a one-way ticket to The Land Down Under. Next week, we are due for another installment of Shoulda Swiped Left.

What’s going on with Hannah’s dating life?

Brother Jake will weigh in.

It is going to be interesting, and that’s a promise.

And to those of you out there with a dating story to share:

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