Chicken & Mary Jane Alfredo ⏤ Bonus EP 99.85

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EP99.85 - While we get the official episode 100 together, enjoy this bonus episode that was originally supposed to be episode 101. We cover intense edibles, getting crunched in your Halloween costume, the new Macbook Pro and M1 chips, rent-a-mac program, and, of course, the time we got absolutely blasted off of a bowl of fettuccini alfredo.

Episode Edited by: Jack Peros


Audio Edited by: Carlo



00:00 what episode is this???

00:34 table of contents

01:53 welcome

03:07 Trey utilizes rent-a-mac program

06:55 that new Macbook Pro

13:09 the history of us recording things

18:00 our first time going out since quarantine

21:00 charging $26 for 2 scallops

27:00 servers securing their tip + suggesting tip prices

31:50 handing out candy for Halloween

35:30 getting folded by The Jabbawockeez on Halloween

39:20 MJ Alfredo put Jae & Trey in a headlock

51:00 taking edibles whilst hikinh in Hawaii

57:20 hiding your hair with a hat, then getting told to take your hat off

1:00:47 fantasy leagues

1:02:25 Uncle Owen’s daily routine

1:05:18 discord questions

1:17:10 wrapping up


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