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When you think of the word "vacation" I bet the first thing that comes to mind is chillin, total relaxation... unless you have 10 pounds of that Miley Cyrus in your luggage. In episode ninety we get into packing your bags hours before a flight, bed sheet wash cycles, having a good guest sheet situation, whyte boi sleepover pranks and we tell a story of the time Trey & Jae had 2 pounds of that Mary Poppins nearly land on their laps in Vancouver. 

Episode Edited by: Jack Peros


Audio Mixed by: Carlo



00:01 — episode break down

1:03 — packing your bags hours before a flight

3:34 — them airport dogs

7:50 — taking a mysterious spontaneous + lavish trip

12:14 — “Banged Up Abroad”

14:00 — the time we got two pounds of trees in Vancouver

22:50 — gettting rid of two pounds of trees in Vancouver

28:10 — did you just do that??

33:39 — asking big questions when your fried

35:18 — how often do you wash your bed sheets?

43:19 — what’s your guest sleeping situation like?

49:50 — @TheSNEAK0 are you an above average person?

58:35 — the time Matt pulled a prank that involved his bare cheeks + someones face

1:02:32 — paint balling was never fun + it hurts

1:05:40 — Discord Eagles

1:17:10 — fly out


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