Dentist TVs are Usually 20 Years Old ⏤ RO Podcast 112

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this special episode goes out to all the members of 112. you know we had to discuss Trey getting pulled over by 12, the great Sunwing vacation hack, Alicia Keys singing about NYC many times, the increase in hydro strength, Mr Beast and, of course, RV's and custom Sprinter Van builds.

Episode Edited by: Tia


Trey Richards ■

Jae Richards ■

Sheldon Sabastian ■


0:00 episode recap

01:27 the only 12 we fw

06:06 doors

07:15 Trey gets pulled over by the fuzz

11:03 make speed limits faster/fuzz quotas

14:08 don’t add Sheldon to close friends

15:59 Jae weighs in

16:39 rent the entire movie theatre

21:21 human body woes

24:25 dentists need new TV’s

26:08 Sunwing hacked your vacation

28:12 Rest in Power, Future Shop

29:46 Whole Foods vs Asian markets

31:05 ‘don’t waste your junk food’

33:10 kids eat nasty

34:37 don’t let my food touch

36:17 Alicia Keys fasho gon sing bout NYC

37:54 music is reaching me later, sticking longer

40:16 that HYDRO gettin STRONG

43:10 shoutout to grabba nation

44:24 before we found out about Young Thug + Kendrick Lamar

45:03 Mr Beast

45:17 what would you grab in a fire?

48:07 let us stay at your crib

49:08 van builds + RV lifestyle

53:52 would you cop a driver?

56:05 where yall travelling to/Vietnam is wavy

59:00 planning ahead isn’t realistic to me

1:02:11 (we answer your discord questions on audio)


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