Driving Lessons from Your Dad ft. J Lueche ⏤ RO Podcast 105

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Jephina joins the man dem to reflect on becoming the top whinist, Sean Kingston's earrings, parking far at Wal-Mart, Scarborough, driving school and why we skipped episode 104. Be sure to check out Jephina's podcast, "The Parked Car Conversation" available on major podcast platforms.

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Episode Edited by

Faytana • https://www.instagram.com/itsfaytana

Jermaine • itsyaboy.ca

Vocals by Carlo



00:00 intro

01:16 Trini Dancehall discussions/Sheldon dancing for 1 hour

03:50 Striving to be the top whinist + guess my race

06:40 The J-Smoov movement 4 tha fellas

08:50 What are you up watching? + being jacked

10:50 Can I stick this landing?

14:00 Sean Kingston’s earrings

14:48 Alicia Keys or Beyonce

15:50 C Breezy or Ush?

17:05 Parking situations

18:44 Men who can’t drive

20:40 Driving pop quiz for no reason

24:10 Who put on on wheelz?

24:49 Brampton vs Scarborough

25:31 Curry Goat Patties

29:25 Parallel parking situations & back seat driving

32:11 Parents teaching you how to drive

34:22 Very loud tuna can whips

35:02 Hands free bike operation

36:02 Jephina’s Podcast “Parked Car Conversation”

46:25 Where have you felt most connected

53:35 Support your peoples!!

54:35 Giving flowers to our peoples

57:14 Keeds

1:00:25 Time flys when u pushin p

1:03:05 Being Cancelled for old Tweets

1:07:08 Outro - Why we skipped 104


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