Goat Cheese Richie ft. Mr. Richards ⏤ RO Podcast 100

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After an extended series of episodes with too many 9's in them, Random Order Podcast Episode 100 is upon us featuring none other than Jae & Trey's Dad. Mr. Richards joins the show to discuss:

- his path to entrepreneurship

- raising us

- his rules at work

- buying his first home

- The Keg situation

Thank you for supporting Random Order at any point, but a major shoutout to our episode 1 mf's. Even more of a major shoutout to those watching since GroupChat. Also, plz don't call our Dad "Goat Cheese Richie"

Episode Edited by: Jack Peros

• https://www.instagram.com/jackperos



00:00 intro

02:10 Mr.Richards fits us into his schedule

03:37 the story of Richie & office moving

10:55 Net(anything over 30) is unacceptable

14:28 at what age should allowance stop?

16:50 Dad takes vacations without us

20:45 parent-teacher meetings - Jae vs Trey

23:08 growing up in the GTA/sleeping his peers

25:52 letting us drop school to do YouTube

27:40 how he bought his first house/getting it out the mud

38:48 the very normal dishwasher scare

41:12 Jamaican fear factor meals/healthier eating

45:22 heat up your Fruit Loops!!!

47:08 did you want 4 kids?/hanging with our Dad

49:16 Dad’s epiphany

51:10 credit! 😳

54:24 what’s Richie’s life like now?

55:13 Richie on cruises/Jamaican horror story

1:00:35 where did your comedy come from?

1:04:19 our version of “I choose the black guy”

1:05:45 the goat cheese story


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