Humpty Dumpty's Worst Nightmare ⏤ RO Podcast 109

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You know what mf time it is, the brothers gathered for episode 109 to discuss carrying very large television sets by yourself, our lack of dongles (therefore the lack of sound board), the mystery of the missing Blistex, Halle Berry in The Call, the infamous wire bag and of course, buying music and games in the metaverse.

Episode Edited by: Jack Peros



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00:00 u know what time it is

02:24 str8 liars

03:50 the mystery of the missing blistex

06:00 u gotta stay with a white tee

06:53 u gotta stay with a dongle

07:52 u gotta stay with a wire bag too

10:00 they dropping mad xboxes

11:52 Trey holds Sheldon's 'Last of Us' for 1 year+

17:58 make hard drives fit more files

20:27 never lift a tv by yourself

24:36 Humpty Dumpty had a great fall

29:17 Summer of Soul

30:45 Trey clears his throat again

31:43 record players get old in 3 days

36:00 we don't own music, only renting

37:58 u gotta stay with a time capsule

39:28 Sheldon's Kijiji adventures

41:45 Halle Berry did her thing in The Call

44:33 your whip might be on a boat rn

50:34 the smallest basketball league ever

57:19 Mike ahh geeked!!!

58:29 we out!!

59:35 Mocha Pack - out too!!!


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