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You know what time it is. Very important topics covered in episode 94: stealing phone cases and large pizzas, being arrested by SWAT, the greatest music video of all time, and the time our Dad got in the dorkiest motorcycle accident ever. We also had a lengthy convo about piercing our ears against the wishes of our elders.

Episode Edited by: Jack Peros



00:00 intro and stuff

02:00 dental conversations

07:18 the lamest bike accident ever

12:22 five-finger discount gone wrong

13:54 pants discount gone right

18:24 Trey gets arrested by a SWAT team


23:53 the arrest continued

38:18 Beyonce's Formation = GOAT music vid

44:05 3 white tees & 1

48:12 Sheldon takes a phone case

49:12 Jermaine takes a large pizza

50:50 a baby chimes in

51:40 pierced ear convos

58:20 our friends want wack tats

1:03:24 the time J & T were in school gangs

1:11:06 crazy hair day & black folks

1:12:20 the algorithm is reading your brain

1:13:50 cologne convos

1:17:50 answering your discord questions


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