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You know what time it is. We gathered to discuss wildlife, why trey called the feds, regrets involving virtual reality and shady subscriptions and of course... kids on kid leashes.

Episode Edited by: Jack Peros



00:00 Breakdown

01:30 Reincarnation

09:55 Wiping your pet (Sheldon, not Trey or Jae)

14:20 Visiting your friend's classroom + going on field trips

19:20 Amusement parks violating us with food/drink prices

26:35 Putting your kids on a leash

31:21 Riding when your tank on E

37:25 Trey call the feds on somebody (making grown-up decisions)

51:58 The subscription we're not so proud of

1:05:30 Answering YOUR questions from DISCORD

1:11:48 Sir Eagleton is put in a sticky situation (Lets his date pay for the date)

1:28:38 Outro


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