Kids Need Durable Pets ⏤ RO Podcast 111

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today we're joined by our friend Randy Rozaay to bring that real talk about pizza-finesse protection training calls, being pregnant as a couple, life as a dedicated rabbit dad, the tongue scraper and Randy's humble transition to being bald.

Episode Edited by: Jack Peros



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00:00 episode recap

01:33 Usher stops by

02:32 man gets sued

03:30 weather goin craazy

04:09 Trey opens up about pizza

06:32 Nova drops the pizza ball

08:12 this call is being recorded for training purposes

11:39 what’s your take on lil caesars

13:46 Randy reflects on pizza

14:10 Randy builds a custom za

15:36 Randy’s son wakes him up at 4AM

16:42 Randy tries to get away with naming his son him

19:12 x

19:52 we’re pregnant

21:20 Randy did all the belly kissin

23:53 pregnancy

25:29 being an uncle is so easy lmao

27:56 dog dad life ain’t easy

29:44 speaking of dogs & babies

31:46 buy kids durable pets

33:16 Sheldon talks rabbit life

34:54 Randy’s introduction trauma

36:28 Jae & Trey’s introduction to trauma

39:59 were you a crier?

41:44 Jae tried vegan deodorant

45:01 when did humans start drinking water

46:00 when did humans start brushing their teeth?

47:00 Shedon got a tongue scraper

49:54 the transition to bald

53:07 Trey congratulates Randy’s bald head

53:46 the time our Dad bet his bald match on a cruise

57:18 Apple music infinite mode

1:00:10 why we need a Napkin Board of Napkin Standards

1:03:01 where did KFC go wrong?

1:04:25 LA likes Taco Bell

1:05:21 Shopper’s World Brampton got that bun

1:06:38 soft pretzels go hard

1:08:04 Jae asks the real questions

1:10:34 we eat too much low key

1:12:20 what happened in Vegas

1:16:40 Trey confirms his cavity + gets juiced by the dentist

1:20:08 we out


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