Leaving a Live Performance ⏤ RO Podcast 98

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In this episode, we thoroughly discuss almost crashing while you have passengers in your car. Also, other people almost crashing while you're in their car. And you know we had to cover watching Squid Game in German with English subtitles and turning your back on Cats Live mid-performance.

Shoutout to The Annex Hotel for hosting the pod for us 🦅

Episode Edited by: Jack Peros

• https://www.instagram.com/jackperos


00:00 intro

01:33 mini eagle research sesh

02:00 you gon get it when we give it

03:40 shoutout to compartments

05:58 minivan = best whip

09:45 special delivery from mr smokey ❤️

10:30 the person you are after the work shift

11:02 back to whips real quick

15:24 riding with other drivers

21:00 thank-you for your support @Manscaped ❤️

24:07 coughing in 2021

26:12 shelm what u been on

27:24 musicals & theatre performances & cats

31:36 Trey gets pressed for the Trini clip

34:19 teachers love Stomp

36:20 Trey tries to see Lion King live

37:48 how we do this podcast

39:31 our history with horses

45:02 wait who is mr smokey???

45:59 Squid Game and other viral shows

54:14 Trey feels like a dirt bag

56:22 I don't take shots at your job (or pull up for no reason)

1:00:13 Jae's subliminal shot battle

1:03:07 food recco: Favourites 🥙

1:04:32 salty Yelp reviews, juicy outfits

1:10:52 we out


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