Magician Baffles 3 Grown Men ft Savio Joseph ⏤ RO Podcast 121

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Reviewing Celebrity Hairlines

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Savio Joseph joins Random Order with to do magic & talk:

- Canada's Got Talent

- Magician beef

- Magic for a living

- Criss Angel's v-line photoshoot

Savio Joseph

Episode Edited by: Jae, Roji, Sahil, Bogdan




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00:00 intro

01:27 our first impression of Savio

04:16 screw school, I'm doing magic

06:00 what was your intro to magic?

06:58 lil rubik's cube sesh

11:05 Savio's Canada's Got Talent experience

12:18 how do u magic??

16:29 do magicians get into magician beef?

20:25 reviewing the greatest magicians

28:21 let's run a card trick

30:15 are magicians touching bread?

32:22 what's Savio's end goal?

36:05 wth is in this scroll?

38:38 Savio runs more magic

50:22 reflecting sesh

55:00 running away from Savio

55:28 two more tricks for the road


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